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In the 1980’s Metro Salvage was created with the intent to make the scrap a car Bolton services more efficient and friendly. This family run business, has grown and grown, gaining a host of customers, who would only ever choose Metro Salvage, to get rid of their cars. Over the years, we have expanded out of Bolton and the North West, and now operate nationwide, with our services reaching the far corners of the UK. And to this day, although we have grown bigger, our values are the same. We still want to make sure that every customer is getting the most money for their scrap cars Bolton, or anywhere else they happen to be. Not only do we scrap cars Bolton, we also break cars for spares. This means that not only can you scrap a car locally with us; you can also get your car back on the road, with one of our quality used car parts.

Scrap A Car Bolton Explained

Coming to Metro Salvage for vehicle collection, couldn’t be easier. You can choose where and when you would like your car to be collected, as we always want to provide a personal scrap a car Bolton service that is completely in your hands. If you need to scrap a car Bolton right now, why not fill in the online form to the right. This is how the scrapping process starts. All we need from you is the registration number from your vehicle and some personal contact details, which will generate a request that comes through our system to the Metro Salvage team. One of our valuators will give you a call back, to offer you the very best price on your scrap cars Bolton. As we have an international export business, there are many cars that we require, and therefore, can offer you more than scrap value for it.

Free Collection on Your Scrap Cars Bolton

When our collection agent comes to collect your car for free, we will first check that the car is in the condition you explained and then pay you by cheque. It is now illegal to pay for scrap cars Bolton with cash, so we find that paying by cheque is the preferable method as we operate within the confines of the law and also make sure that you are handed your money on the day. What’s more, we will deal with all the boring DVLA paperwork for you, making sure the DVLA are notified that your car has been scrapped. At this point you should hand him the V5 registration document (Log Book), the last or current MOT certificate, any handbooks you may have and the locking nut adaptor (if your car has such for alloy wheels etc). He will complete that part of the V5 document which transfers ownership to us and leave you with the portion of the form that you need to sign and send off to the DVLA at Swansea. This is a legal requirement which states that ownership of the vehicle has now been transferred and that you have no further legal responsibility for it. It is important that you send this portion off within 7 days. And we will never charge any hidden admin fees.

How We Scrap

When the driver brings your scrap cars Bolton, back to our car breakers Manchester, it then starts the recycling process. We first decide whether or not the parts within the car can be used again, to help other cars get back on the road. If so, we will dismantle the scrap a car Bolton and if the parts are in a good condition, they will be stored away safely, ready for sale. The next step is to depollute the car. Meaning, that all the harmful chemicals will be filtered from the car, and disposed of safely, so that we don’t harm the environment. Finally the vehicle is either crushed or baled prior to shipment to a specialist metal processor for shredding and further separation of materials (plastics, ferrous / non-ferrous metals etc).

NOTE: If a verbal agreement is made and cancelled without prior warning then you may be charged. This is to cover the travel that our representative has had to make. We ask that you keep to your appointments and thank you for your co-operation.

We are registered with the environment agency and we follow the Standard rules SR2011No3 Vehicle storage, depollution and dismantling (authorised treatment) facility guidelines when we dispose of any vehicle.

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