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  • July 30, 2015
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  • Comments Off on 2002 Honda Jazz 1.4 petrol L13a1 code engine and box good runner at metro salvage 01204388488 breaker for spares and repairs 

2004 Honda Jazz 1.4 petrol good car for breaking new in stock 

Full car for spares and repairs all parts available phone 01204388488 option 1 Bolton area bl18hu  


metro salvage nw ltd Bolton bl18hu 01204388488 option 1 full car for breaking all parts available at discount prices  


  • July 29, 2015
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  • Comments Off on X2 engines 2004 c8 dw10 code 2.0 DSL and 2004 307 kfu 1.4 petrol for sale at metro salvage Bolton 01204388488 option 1 

here we have 2 engines that’s are ok runners they come with 3 month warranty good quality used Engines for sale @ 

metro salvage Bolton 01204388488 


2002 transit engine and box for sale 5 speed at metro salvage nw ltd Bolton 01204388488 bl18hu  d2fa code 


Volkswagen Breakers

Volkswagen have been in the news this week for landing a massive fleet deal and also for the world economies forcing the German automobile manufacturer to ‘tighten their belts.’ Fleet News has reported that VW has won the contract to ‘supply National Rail with more than 300 vehicles.’ This is due to the amount of variety that is offered by Volkswagen.

However, Europe’s biggest car manufacturer has also been hit by some bad news, and a spokesperson for the company has said that, although a weaker European currency had hinted at a rise in sales, instead ‘Volkswagen has been hit by sharp falls in the Russian Rouble…’

Volkswagen Breakers Scrap My Volkswagen

Do you have a Volkswagen? Are you looking to invest in a new one, or are you having some trouble with yours that you need to fix and don’t want to spend [...]

Essex Cycling Lanes : For or Against?

Cycling Weekly have reported today that more cycle paths are to be created if funding can be found in Essex. Since the success of the Tour De France last year, more and more people have been getting on their bikes in the Essex area, meaning that less people are using their cars. Do you live in the Essex area? How do you feel about the proposition that more cycle lanes are to be built? Are you a driver that believes that more cycle lanes will only cause more congestion and frustration on the roads? Or are you a keen cycler, dedicated to making sure that less cars and more bicycles are on the roads?

Why not get in touch with Metro Salvage if you’re ready to get on your bike. We can help you make the best prices on your scrap cars, guaranteed. What’s more, we have many [...]

Green Counterpart Driving Licence Abolished

As of June this year, the paper counterpart of issued driving licenses is to be scrapped. In an attempt to cut government spending, from June 8th 2015, when a driving license is issued, it will only be the card part.

New drivers, from June will only get the plastic card parts of the license and if you renew or replace a stolen license the same will apply. This comes after the announcement that old paper driving licences will become invalid this year.

Check Out MyLicence

The only difference between the paper and plastic licences is that the paper one holds some more information. However, all of this information will be stored digitally, and will be available for access through MyLicence, ‘This online service has been developed jointly by the DVLA and Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) and will allow insurers [...]

Need More Power? Buy Second Hand Turbocharger

Did you know that it was the extinct Swedish car manufacturer Saab who pioneered the turbocharger? Nowadays, it’s very rare that a car is produced without a turbocharger. Auto news says ‘For the 2015 model year, nearly 95 per cent of Ford’s models will be available with a turbocharged engine.’ And yet it was only Saab, who had at least one turbocharged engine in its line up from 1978 until the companies collapse in 2010.

Everybody wants more power in their cars, and a turbocharger can be expensive. However, here at Metro Salvage, we will more than likely have the second hand turbocharger that you need in stock. When we break a car for parts, we will always look for good working turbochargers, as well as the engines and gearboxes.

second hand turbocharger Used Turbocharger For All Makes and Models [...]

Since 1996, Skoda have produced the Octavia; a family car which is available in five door hatchback and five door estate variants. Originally marketed as the cheaper alternative to the Volkswagen Golf, the Octavia, along with the rest of the cars made by Skoda was tarred at first, with the stigma of the early Skoda models.

However, when Volkswagen bought Skoda, the brand was given a reboot, and the results are in. The Skoda Octavia has not only remained cheaper than its VW alternative, the test statistics are exceptional. The Octavia has a five star NCAP crash test rating as well as low emissions, meaning cheaper tax.

sell my Skoda Octavia

Sell A Skoda Octavia Today

So what’s the downfall with the Octavia? There must [...]

Lovely Jubbly!!

Yesterday, we got a right corker brought into the yard, this A Reg Reliant Rialto in Trotter yellow. After taking a look at it, and deciding whether or not to sell, break or scrap it, we’re still undecided. Although it isn’t the Reliant Regal Van the Trotters used, it’s very similar. 

scrap a car Bolton

This style of car, especially in this colour is intrinsically linked with Del Boy and Rodney, and we feel it would be a shame to scrap it. So for now, this little yellow car is parked in the yard, brightly advertising Metro Salvage. Even on this dull day.

What was it that Del Boy once said ‘Asking a Trotter if he knows anything about chandeliers is like asking Mr Kipling if he knows anything about cakes.’ We think that should be asking a Scrapper if he know anything [...]

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