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1997 Rover 600 620 SLI in green here for breaking - MS3481

Posted on 19 May 2012

Check out this Rover 600 620 SLI in green with a 2 litre petrol engine, landed at our car breakers yard in Bolton!

Q) What is a Rover without an 'R'?


Well, this Rover certainly has no 'R' present and is definitely over! This Rover has finally agreed that its place is no longer on the roads of the UK, it has agreed to be scrapped on the basis it  is reincarnated into a nice new shiny car in its second life (although it requested that it was not brought back as an hybrid!).

All parts are available to buy from this vehicle, even the super cool insulation tape strengthened wing mirror! This Rover does look old and shabby on the outside, but the engine is in excellent condition! The engine in this Rover is built by Honda and is found in the Honda Accord, Honda build fantastic engines and that is how many people refer to them as 'bullet proof'. So if you need a 2 litre f20z1 engine or any other parts from this vehicle, come down to our car breakers yard today!


Rover 600 620 SLI