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1999 Hyundai Atoz 12V Plus in red here for breaking - MS3519

Posted on 20 May 2012

Check out this Hyundai Atoz 12V Plus in red with a 1 litre petrol engine, landed at our car breakers yard in Bolton!

The proud owner of this little red bug doesn't look impressed to see his pride and joy being taken away. Fortunately, the team at Metro Salvage have assured a quality and reliable service to this gentleman where we ensure that this car is removed quickly and efficiently with minimal hassle.

This Hyundai Atoz is going to be dismantled in our Hyundai car breakers, so if you need some parts for your Hyundai Atoz, come down today and get some bargain parts! Even the sewing machine worthy 1.0 litre G4HC engine is available for sale, so if you have been doing too many double stitches in your Hyundai Atoz and killed your Singer, we have the relevant replacement to quickly regain your stitching ability!


Hyundai Atoz 12V Plus