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Posted on 04 July 2012

Floody hell! Rigged banking rates, Eurozone mayhem, phone hacking, expenses fiddles...even the weather’s playing silly beggars these days. It’s enough to make you wonder whether anyone or anything can be trusted any more. But don't despair, we've come through far worse, and even in the darkest days there are beacons of light that tell us there's a better side to people. And, happily, Metro Salvage is up there with the best of 'em - British humour, a decent pint, our Armed Forces - when it comes to scrapping your car. It's one of those increasingly rare companies that's built a reputation on telling it straight. That translates, quite simply, as getting you the best cash deal for scrapping your car. No fuss, no fibs, just a fist full of readies and peace of mind that old faithful is being scrapped according to strict government regulations. To no one's surprise, Metro Salvage have had their hands full recently helping thousands of drivers who fell victim to flash flooding, losing their cars, vans and trucks. The company's been busily pulling them out the mire, literally and figuratively in some cases Sodden Subarus, saturated Saabs, submerged Citroens, sunken Seats, whatever Mother Nature threw at Metro Salvage, they dealt with the lot, adding to their reputation as the quintessential 'can-do' company. All they ask of motorists is they make sure their car documentation is available - and they'll take care of the rest: They will collect your car if necessary, pay you the best possible price - in cash, instantly - and that's it. The deal's done. If only everything in life was as simple, transparent and honest. So remember, if your car's flood damaged (or even bone dry), Metro Salvage will offer you the best deal possible, regardless of condition or make. And if you find that Metro Salvage are your kind of people, don't forget the cash they give you is yours to do whatever you want with - including, if you fancy, putting it towards some new wheels. The company can help with that, too, offering a mouth-watering selection. Oh, and one more thing: If your car’s only slightly flood damaged, they have a vast stock of reasonably-priced, trustworthy spare parts, that have been cleaned and thoroughly checked. Whatever the problem - flood-damaged steering rack, wheel-bearings, door cards, stereo - they'll hunt down a replacement. They can even help you replace flood-damaged seats and carpets...but unlike rogue bankers, they'll never pull the rug from under your feet!