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The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge usually involves dumping a large bucket of iced water over your head, to promote awareness of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, otherwise known as Motor Neurone Disease. The viral sensation hit social media in July/August 2014, which saw a host of celebrities getting involved.


Here at The Scrappers, we decided to take the challenge one step further, as many of our lads wanted to get involved to raise awareness and money for this great cause. So we thought to ourselves, ‘what’s big enough, to give us all a soaking?’ All day, we were coming up with ideas on how to better those ice bucket challenges that had already been done. Some theories included using Gloria the grab in our challenge, or the bowsers which we fill with copper.
But it all came together when our neighbours, Platts Metals loaned us a skip and and a secure [...]



We have some breaking news here at Metro Salvage. We now provide faster free scrap car collections Yorkshire! Our recovery agent is on hand at all times of the day, when you have decided to scrap a car Yorkshire!

Is your motor costing you money? Have you failed an MOT? Whatever the reason for you scrapping a car, we will come and collect it from a location of your choosing, at a time you specify, and pay you the very best prices.

Scrap A Car Yorkshire

Yorkshire is the largest county in England, dominating the Northern part of the country. We have many customers that come to Metro Salvage to scrap a car Yorkshire, and find their local [...]

Need Some Cash? Sell A Car Leeds.
As the largest city in Yorkshire, we tend to buy and scrap hundreds of cars in Leeds and the surrounding areas every week. Although we are based in Bolton, Greater Manchester we have collection agents all over Leeds and the rest of Yorkshire who will come and collect a car on our behalf.
Have you decided it is time to sell my car Leeds? Had enough of an old car and want some cash to put towards an upgrade? Or maybe you have failed an MOT, and would rather make some cash instead of spending a fortune making the repairs your rust bucket needs? Whatever the need to sell a car Leeds today, we can guarantee that we’ll take it off your hands and pay you the very best prices.

Sell A Car Leeds

Buy, Sell, Scrap [...]

We’re gameshow mad at Metro Salvage and right now we’re into Playing Your Cars Right!

We are offering big cash prizes in exchange for certain models and makes.
Have you got one of the cars we’re after? We could make you royally flush if you do!
Right now we need the following vehicles, in whatever condition and from wherever in the UK.
And because it’s these particular cars we’re after, we’re paying higher than usual – how’s that for a Brucie bonus?!
First on our wish-list is the Nissan Navara, if you have one of these vehicles to sell from 2001 to 2005 call our friendly team today.
We also need VW Beetles, have you got one of these Bugs that you no longer love? Well why not flog your VW to us and we’ll show your some TLC – that’s Tender Loving Cash.
We are also [...]

Have You Got The Scrap Cars Bolton?

At any time, here at Metro Salvage, we may need some cars more than others. Sometimes it’s for our export lists and sometimes it’s because we  are a car breakers yard, and our parts department need some parts more than others. This means that if you have one of the cars on our list, you could be in for a big treat, and walk away with a big wad of cash. If you have one of these models on your drive right now, why not get in touch with Metro Salvage, and we could be with you within the hour to collect your old car for free and pay you top dollar! Your scrap cars Bolton could be worth a fortune, so get in touch.

Best Car Breakers

Right now we need certain cars to fulfil a quota of used car parts. We want to [...]

Scrap My Storm Damaged Car

Last night, the North West was battered by gale force wind and battering rain, if you have a storm damaged cars Bolton, why not get in touch with Metro Salvage today? We will take any car off you hands, no matter the age, make, model or damage impact. Choosing to scrap my storm damaged car is probably the best way to get rid of your car but still make some great money. In the news there have been reports of buildings collapsing on cars, lamp posts blowing over in to the roads and causing damage, even car doors blowing off!

Scrap A Damaged Car

In the aftermath of what some are calling ‘wild Wednesday’, there is a clean up in the North West. Scrap a damaged car today and reap the benefits. We will come and collect your car for free, even if the damage is so intense that it [...]

Kent and Sussex Flood Damage

Metro Salvage are here to help with flood damaged cars Kent and Sussex.
Homes and vehicles in Kent  and Sussex have been some of the worst affected by the floods that have battered Britain in the last two weeks. Huge waves have been recorded on the southern and western coasts, a the storms set in and look set to stay. Many areas have been without power, as the roads have turned to rivers. 
We Buy Any Flood Damaged Car

If you have a car that has been damaged by the wet weather, why not give Metro Salvage a call today. The condition of your car doesn’t matter to us, we will buy any flood damaged car for scrap. With over 20 years of experience in the scrap a car industry, we have many years of dealing with all kinds of cars in [...]

Flood Damaged Car Gloucestershire

Gloucestershire has been one of the worst hit places in the UK by the floods, with the River Severn bursting its banks, flooding the surrounding areas, such as Gloucester, Tewksbury, Cheltenham and Worcester. Not only has the floods saturated the countryside, but it has also spread into the towns, causing immense damage in its wake. 

Homes and buildings have been damaged, and many vehicles have been ruined beyond repair. With roads turning to rivers, it would be no surprise if you want to scrap a flood damaged car Gloucestershire. 

Best Prices for Flood Damaged Scrap

 Why not turn to us? Metro Salvage will take any car off your hands, regardless of its condition. And what’s more we will pay the best prices. For over 20 years we have been one of the biggest and most trusted scrap car dealers in the UK, we have helped [...]

Flood Damaged Cars Aberystwyth

The Welsh coast has seen its worst flooding in years, so if you have a flood damaged car Aberystwyth, why not give Metro Salvage a call today. No matter the extent of the damage to your car, we will take it off your hands. We pay good money for any flood damaged vehicle. The UK has watched in horror as huge waves have battered the coast.

Worst Storms for Decades

This winter has been hit badly by storms and tidal surges, the UK has suffered battering rain and winds and rising rivers bursting their banks. Have gale force winds and high tides had you stocking up on sandbags? Flooding can severely damage you home, your town and even your car, causing utter destruction. 

Water logged cars can cost a fortune to repair, and sometimes the only option is to scrap your vehicle. If your engine [...]

BRITAIN has been in the grip of severe storms lashing much of the country.
Undoubtedly the bad weather has meant general destruction, devastation to homes – and, of course, the battering of vehicles.
If you have a flood-damaged car you want to sell, Metro Salvage are the team to turn to. We can collect your motor no matter how much of a sodden wreck the rains have reduced it to.  We pick it up anywhere for free, no fuss, no bother, and reward you with more than a trickle of cash!
As car salvage experts we are used to dealing with mangled motors in any sorry state. It’s what we’re good at. No matter how ruined your vehicle, we’ll buy it.
So when Mother Nature deals a cruel hand and there’s no Noah around to offer sanctuary, let Metro Salvage be the ARKitects [...]

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