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SCRAP CAR Birmingham

Are you looking to get rid of your scrap car Birmingham? Metro Salvage would love to help out by giving you some wonga whilst we’re at it.

If you’re sick of your rust bucket littering the good streets of Birmingham then you’ll pleased to find out that if you get a quote from us you can be getting a great amount of dollar.

We scrap thousands of cars per year, largely due to our ability to please the customer, from picking up the phone and speaking to our friendly phone operators about your scrap car Birmingham to picking the car up at a place and time of your convenience the whole process is thoroughly professional.

Metro Salvage collect nationwide, we strive to go further than our competition to get you the price that you deserve on your scrap car Birmingham. Regardless of whether you’re local or not, we can find you, and we will give you what your car is worth. No tedious haggling or bartering just good money for your old banger.

It doesn’t matter how old your car, if it’s brand new and its been in a bit of a tumble we can give you more than what most other dealerships can offer, if it’s an old beast of burden then we can still outdo most of our competitors.

Give Metro Salvage a quick call today to find out how much the UK’s premier scrap yard can give you for your scrap car Birmingham you have nothing to lose, call now!