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scrap my car Bristol

When you choose Metro Salvage to buy your scrap car, you can be sure that we will always pay you the very best prices in cash. We will value your car on many different factors, and offer you the quote over the phone. Whether you call us or send us a parts request through the website and we call you back, once we have offered you a quote over the phone, this is the price that we’ll pay you on the collection of your car, for scrap car disposal.

We will first take into account what year your car is. As a late model car breakers, we will more than often offer more for a car which is less than ten years old, due to our late parts sale operation. Then we will take into consideration the size of your car. 
  • For a small scrap car we’d pay £80 and £100 
  • For a medium scrap car we’d pay £80 and £120 
  • For a large car we’d pay £130 upwards.   

Scrap My Car Bristol

It can take a while to find a scrap company in the Bristol area that can offer you the best prices on your car, but you have come to the right place if you want a wad of cash. Metro Salvage is the nation’s favourite scrapyard operating throughout the UK. So far we have collected over 30,000 scrap cars all over the country, so that's over 30,000 happy customers, so why not scrap a car Bristol with us today?

Making cash on a scrap car Bristol couldn’t be easier; we make the process quick, simple and profitable for every customer. The team here at Metro Salvage have been perfecting the art of scrapping for over 25 years, which means that we have had time to rise to the very top of our game. Steadily, the company has grown out of the North West and we now cover every inch on the UK. Wherever you are, even if you have decided to scrap my car Bristol, we’ll be there to help you out.

scrap my car Bristol

We Recycle All Scrap Cars

As we have grown and expanded, we have become more aware of saving the environment and becoming greener in our practices. We have even been approved by the Environment Agency as an Authorised Treatment Facility, which means that it is now our duty to ensure that all cars are recycled up to 90%. So if you have been worrying that when you scrap a car Bristol, it may end up on the scrap heap rusting away, worry no more.

Although our de-pollution plant is based in the North West we have drivers all over the UK, so you can choose a time and location of your choosing and our driver will be there, to recover your scrap car Bristol. It’s all very easy, once the collection agent arrives, all you have to do is hand over the keys and the log book and you’ll receive your cash.

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We are open and honest with all of our customers and will only offer the highest amount of what we think your car is worth. There will be no deductions from the price of your car, such as collection fees or the cost of admin. We will ensure that you are paid the full cash amount for your scrap car Bristol.

Choosing to scrap a car Bristol couldn't be easier, simply call us to book in a time and date for our driver to collect your car. In no time at all, your driveway will be clear leaving you with a smile and a wallet full of wonga. Call 01204 388 488 today.

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