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SCRAP CAR Cambridge

Hello Cambridge!

Known for its prestigious university and quintessentially British architecture. Cambridge really is a sight to behold.

So why destroy it with your old car defiling the drive? You can make good money with Metro Salvage by scrap car Cambridge. We can take your old car off of your hands in no time and get you back to your rocket science major or rowing event. We give very good money for very old bangers although we’ll give you a quote on any make or model of car.

For a hassle free quote on your car just give us a call and we can be there within an hour to pick up the vehicle, we’ll even fill in all the forms too to ensure that your pen hand is as fresh as a daisy for your next big assignment.

For a hassle free quote on your car give us a call and we’ll sort out the rest, just give us a time that’s at your convenience, we’ll complete the paperwork and give you some cash on receipt of your vehicle. We won’t take much of your time, and you could be given good money for the little time out of the day that we do take.

Scrap car Cambridge now for an excellent quote on the car that you’re looking to sell and you won’t be left frustrated.

Metro Salvage offer nationwide collection, for free, so wherever you may be we can give you a more than fair price on your car and get you on your way to buying a new one in no time.

So Cambridge, you have nothing to lose, give us a call to talk to one of our friendly representatives today to cash in on your scrap car Cambridge.

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