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SCRAP CAR Cheshire

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When you choose Metro Salvage to buy your scrap car, you can be sure that we will always pay you the very best prices in cash. We will value your car on many different factors, and offer you the quote over the phone. Whether you call us or send us a parts request through the website and we call you back, once we have offered you a quote over the phone, this is the price that we’ll pay you on the collection of your car, for scrap car disposal.

We will first take into account what year your car is. As a late model car breakers, we will more than often offer more for a car which is less than ten years old, due to our late parts sale operation. Then we will take into consideration the size of your car. 
  • For a small scrap car we’d pay £80 and £100 
  • For a medium scrap car we’d pay £80 and £120 
  • For a large car we’d pay £130 upwards.  

Scrap My Car Cheshire

Keeping the county of Cheshire beautiful is one of the main aims of Metro Salvage, and we do this by scrapping old bangers. Clogging up the roads with cars that are ancient or broken is what we’re the very best at. A place that is steeped in history deserves more than cars that should be banned to history books.

Finding honest and trustworthy scrap car collection agents is the first hurdle you may come to, however, here at Metro Salvage, we guarantee that the price we offer you on the phone is the price we will pay you in cash for your scrap car Cheshire on collection.

scrap a car Cheshire

Cash For All Cars

As we have been the leaders in the scrapping industry for over 25 years, we know the worth of your car, and that is the exact price you will be offered. Other companies may bid really high on when you call them to scrap a car Cheshire, however, it is these you must be wary of. Many scrap companies will offer you one price on the phone and refuse to pay you that sum on collection, as they will deduct costs for distance travelled and admin fees. However, if you scrap a car Cheshire with us, there will be none of these fees added.

We pay big bucks in cash! By swapping your old scrap car Cheshire with us, you could have a pocketful of cash in no time. Making sure that scrapping with us is quick and simple is part of our mantra, so your experience will be one that is hassle free. Once you have called for a quotation, you can choose and time and location that is convenient for you, for our driver to come and recover your car. Hand over the keys and the log book and we’ll hand over the cash. That’s it. It really is easy.

scrap a car Cheshire

Quick Cash Quote

If you were thinking your car is too old to make some money, think again, we’ll buy any car regardless of age, make or model. If you have been in an accident that has caused the insurance companies to write off your car, we’ll buy it. Scrap my car Cheshire with us today!

All you have to do, to finally get rid of your old scrap car Cheshire is call 01204 388 488 or fill in the online form to send us a scrapping request.

To find out how much you can make, give us a call for an instant quote on your old car. Metro Salvage is one of the UK’s largest scrap yards, so we can give you money you didn’t even imagine for the sake of getting rid of your scrap.

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