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SCRAP CAR Cheshire

Cheshire, rich in history and period buildings, so people of Cheshire let’s keep it that way by getting your scrap car Cheshire off of the road and getting some cash whilst you’re at it.

No smoke and mirrors just a good honest scrappers trying to keep Cheshire banger free!

Free pickup and upon collection you receive your hard earned cash or cheque, well it’s not really hard earned as literally the only thing you have to do is pick up the phone and dial!

We will give you you the price over the phone and wallah! We’re picking up your car in no time and you’re getting your dues. We’d say don’t spend it all in one place, but that would be hard anyway as they’re extremely generous quotes given!

To find out how much you can make, give us a call for an instant quote on your old car.

Any make, any model, any age - it’s all good to us we’ll find a use for it.

Metro Salvage is one of the UK’s largest scrap yards, so we can give you money you didn’t even imagine for the sake of getting rid of your scrap.

Scrap car Cheshire should be an initiative around these parts, as it really is that prestigious. You don’t want your old car muckying up the place, you mucky pup! Scrap it with us for a great deal on your Scrap car Cheshire.

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