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Derbyites, your city needs to, to get rid of your scrap car Derby. Metro Salvage will be more than happy to give you a great deal on your car too! Instead of littering the streets with black smog the fee we give to you to take your scrap car Derby off of your hands can be put towards getting you a nice shiny new one.

Well the money could be used for whatever you please, but what’s not to like? We take your old scrapper and get you a nice bit of notes whilst you’re at it.

Are you sick of people wasting your time when you try and sell your car? If you want all that to be swiftly stopped just give us a quick call and we can sort it out for you, we even give real time updates, should you wish it, of how far away the driver is and how long it will be til he arrives at your designated destination to collect the car. Did we mention that collection is free? Oh and there’s no admin fees either.

So give us a quick no nonsense call today to get an unbelievably good quote on your scrap car Derby today and we can be on the way in no time at all. We even complete all the boring admin just so you don’t have to. Our service has you in mind, your convenience and availability on when we can pick up the car.

So don’t worry if you’re not available in the next few days, we can sort something out!

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