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Have you got an old car sitting on the driveway, no longer capable of making to the shops and back. Want to trade in that hunk of junk for money in your bank account? Then you’ve come to the right place. Scrap car Norfolk can get you the best prices on your used saloon, estate, convertible, hatchback, people carrier or off roader. Our team of experts are waiting by the phone for your call, ready to offer you the best deals on your old motorcars.

We can send one of our engineers to tow your old banger away today, all we will need is the registration documents and your address. If you’d prefer you can drive your vehicle to us for the best conceivable prices. Our state of the art facility will break down your vehicle and recycle the parts and scrap the rest and you’ll receive a certificate of destruction from us. We won’t mess you around on price and we won’t take an age to deal with your car. Our service is economical, rapid and pain free and you can exchange that useless old clapped out motorcar for money to spend however you wish.

So don’t dilly dally. Current scrap metal prices are going through the roof. There has never been a better time to scrap your old car. If you are thinking of scrap car Norfolk we are the best in the business and have the professional credentials to prove it. Call our team now!

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