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Live in Norwich and want to get rid of your car? Great because us at Metro Salvage would love to buy it! We offer great prices on all makes and models of cars, no matter how old they are we will give you a quote on what we could give you for your scrap mobile.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer better prices than our competition, we understand that if we don’t take care of the customer then somebody else will. That’s why we’re so customer based, giving the customer the type of service that they’d expect.

If you’re sick of being given ridiculously low prices on your car from other scrapping companies then you should definitely give us a call. On average our quotes are higher than other scrap yards so chances are we will give you more cash for your car than they will.

We don’t believe in giving anybody the run around and hard sale.

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Once booked for pickup after agreeing a price over the phone we’re sure that you will have no problems as the method of pickup has been refined so much over the years we’ve had in the business. We can even give you real time updates on the drivers location, a feat rarely surpassed by other scrapping companies.

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