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Are you looking through the window at a useless pile of automotive junk? Do you lament the loss of carefree motoring? Are you spending an age constantly fixing a breaking down old jalopy when you could, instead, just pick up a phone and solve the problem in one go. Then call us and
Scrap car Suffolk. We can get the very best prices on scrapping your saloon, estate, hatchback or offroader. Our professional accredited service offers a hassle free solution to cars past their prime. We promise to offer you one of the best deals on your old car.

All you’ll need is the registration documents and we can send one of our trained engineers to tow your vehicle away. We’ll provide you with a certificate of destruction, a receipt and most importantly a nice big cheque. It is up to you if you want to drive your vehicle over to our service centre for an even better offer. At Scrap car Suffolk we are always trying to get you the best possible deals on your old worn out cars.

But don’t hang about. Act now. Prices of scrap metal are at an all time high and this won’t last forever. We offer the very best prices and up to 85% of our cars are recycled or reused so it is good for the environment too. Call and speak to one of our amenable and personable telephone operators. They will talk you through the Scrap car Suffolk procedure and explain how everything works. Call now!

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