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Telford! Shropshire needs get rid of your old banger and make some money whilst you’re at it.

If you’re looking to scrap car Telford you’ve come to the best place, we will scrap your car with FREE recovery and give you payment whilst we’re at it.

Most scrapping companies charge extortionate fees to pick up your scrap car, which isn’t fair. More Than That, they charge administration fees too!

Here at Metro Salvage, if you’re wanting to scap car Telford, we’ll do business by the book. No hidden charges, just a good honest company picking up and scrapping your car and paying you for the pleasure!

If you’re in the Telford area, you’ll know that its a lovely area with plenty of history, if you’ve never been out of Telford you probably won’t know how bad the traffic systems are everywhere else in the UK! In comparison to the rest of the country Telford has relatively low car ownership because of the great public transport services. So you’ve really got no reason not to scrap your car with us, pick up the phone give us a call and we’ll give you a excellent price!

We don’t know many companies that offer the same comprehensive collection service as us, so there’s no better time to cash in on your scrap car Telford with us today!

If you’re in the Telford area, and you’re looking to scrap car Telford, just give us a call today and we’ll sort out the rest. Simple.

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