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Your scrap car York cluttering up your driveway or street? If so maybe its about time that you rid or rather cash it on your motor by giving us a call, we give great money for not so great motors. Ready to hear about the process?

Well its so very easy and trust us when we say that nothing’s Kafkaesque about it.
 Firstly, you give us a call. Secondly, we give you a price. Thirdly you agree a time for collection. Upon receipt of your vehicle you get your just deserved money that you agreed over the phone, can you think of any other car buying services that are as straightforward as that? 

Because we can’t. For your scrap car York we will pay very very good money and pick up the car for free too!

Yearly we scrap thousands of cars and give the best price around whilst doing it. Our opposition often can’t beat or match the prices we offer for your car, this is because of our years of experience in the industry. 

We know all the tricks of the trade in regards to what most scrap yards usually do, which involves scrutinising every nook and cranny of the car in order to hammer the price that you’re willing to take down to a miniscule fee.

Metro Salvage will offer you an awesome price on your scrap car, all you need to do is give it a quick and easy call and we will sort the rest out for you.

Call now for good cash on your scrap car York.

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